How to quickly create and present amazing presentations at work and at conferences.

This workshop will teach participants how to quickly:

  • Create Interesting Presentations
  • Keep the Audience Engaged & Learning
  • Tools to Deal with Stage Fright
  • Identify & Build on Your Presentational Strengths
  • Learn to Celebrate Presentational Successes
  • Tools to Grow as a Speaker
  • Walk Away with a Working Formula for Presentations

"My prepared presentation was transformed from
an "interesting talk" to an engaging, heartfelt performance
that left my audience wanting to hear more. Thanks Amy!!"

-Paul Johnston, Communication Coach and Speaker

Learn to use your strengths to get over stage fright.

This workshop will teach participants how to:

  • Stand on Stage & Feel Empowered
  • Feel in Control the of the Audience
  • Have Fun Speaking
  • Learn Tools to Create an Engaging Speech
  • Learn Tools to Fall Back on When Fear Comes Up
  • Identify & Build on Your Presentational Strengths
  • Walk Away Knowing You can be a Public Speaker

"I found Amy Marschak's workshop to be very beneficial
We did a visualization of a happy moment in our childhood...
I still use this memory whenever I am feeling harried or anxious.
Amy also taught how present moment awareness can help us stay centered...
I appreciate Amy's ability to keep the energy up and keep it interesting."

Linda Anderson, Professional Assistant

Teaches participants how to to eliminate traumatic triggers and empower survivors of all traumas.

This workshop will teach participants how to:

  • Learn How to Release Past Emotions
  • Listen to our Giggly Child Inside
  • Learn Tools to be in the Moment in Spite of Triggers
  • Identify when Past Emotions Come Up in the Present
  • Identify & Build on Your Strengths
  • Tools to Smile & Laugh More
  • Walk Away Knowing You are a Powerful & Precious Person

    “Amy draws people out and encourages individuals to stretch their limits
    by returning to a place where we give ourselves permission
    to BE ourselves and to always remember to PLAY!”

    -Tabitha Pratt, Denver, Colorado

This is a presentation of Amy Marschak's uplifting one woman play about family secrets.
It is followed by a Q & A.

This play will teach participants how to:

  • Viserally Learn How to Identify Symptoms of Child Abuse
  • Help People Who Work with Survivors to Better Understand Them
  • Validate Survivors of Abuse that There is Hope
  • Validate Survivors of Abuse that They are Not Alone
  • Enjoy a Well Put Together Presentation with Appropriate Humor
  • Walk Away Knowing that Healing is Possible for Everyone Including Survivors of Abuse

"Absolutely brilliant, touching and a healing piece of theatre."
-Rob Becker, "Defending the Caveman"

"Brilliant! I had a lump in my throat the entire time."
-Sunday Telegraph

"A solo show about incest, you're thinking: Urrgh- squirm -time,
WRONG! This is funny (yes, funny), touching, insightful...
Amy Marschak does a materful job, especially portraying her younger self,
(the little girl voice we hear at the beginning of the play is amazing),
and I never missed seeing other people on stage."

-Tina McCulloch